Student Player Applications

Applications are now closed for the October concert.

Check back here for details about our February concert.

Application Form

Invitation to play

Our next opportunity for students to join the orchestra will be for our concert in February.

We will extend an invitation for young players of Grade 7 and above to join the orchestra for their first rehearsal when we will be playing through the entire programme.

Event details

Details of the first rehearsal will be published here in due course


Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis, with a limit in some sections (wind and brass). Clarinettists will require an A clarinet.

Please note, students who are under 18 will need to be brought to the rehearsal and collected again by an adult. There is no parking on site and ANPR parking control cameras have been installed. We suggest using the nearby Union Terrace or Monk Bar public car parks.

Please allow sufficient time to park and for for the student to be allocated a place to sit. The rehearsal will start at 7:30 prompt.

Please arrive to collect your child by 9:50pm.


We will confirm via email that a place has been allocated. The orchestra reserve the right to select those players to whom a place will be offered.

Players who attend these rehearsals will be entitled to a complimentary ticket for the relevant.

Please note, that by filling in this form you consent to YGO keeping the information you provide on this form until after the date of the first rehearsal. All information will be safely stored and will be deleted within two months of that rehearsal.  

Safeguarding Information